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From May 2, 2024 until October 10, 2024 we will be open Monday - Wednesday by appointment anytime between 10 am - 8 pm. (Please call/text/email to schedule an appointment)

Thursday 4 - 8 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday 1 - 5 pm

See the calendar below for any closures for events that may come up!

Email or Call (716) 417-2626  for additional help.

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Tiger Swallowtail on Swamp Milkweed

About Us


Welcome to CW Native Plant Farm, your go-to destination for native plants in the Northeast and Great Lakes region. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality nursery stock, grown onsite or sourced locally as much as possible. We pride ourselves on our commitment to conservation and restoration, and we partner with like-minded wholesale companies to offer a wide variety of plants to suit any landscaping need. Contact us today and let us help you bring nature home.

Current list of Presentation Topics and Descriptions

Introduction to Native Plants - Habitat loss from destruction, fragmentation and degradation is a threat the native flora and fauna.  Gardeners in urban, suburban and rural residential communities are uniquely suited to providing pockets of biodiversity to provide long term environmental sustainability.  Native varietals of plants, bushes and trees -locally sourced – provides the best chances for success. 

Gardening in the Shade – Shade gardening can be challenging whether dry or wet.  Native plants, local to our area, are great alternatives to traditional nursery plants and can benefit the environment.  Understanding natives that thrive in the shade can aid in selecting the best native plants for the job.

Landscape Solutions with Native Plants – The effects of climate instability has presented new challenges for homeowners.  Wetter summers, drier springs, extreme temperature swings have all impacted landowners.  The right native plant or plants can help mitigate some of these challenges and thrive. 

Not Just a Pretty Face (Medicinal Native Plants) - Medicinal Value of Native Plants: Native plants, trees and bushes are critical to ecological resiliency and biodiversity. Native plants have an additional value as they have been used medicinally by indigenous populations for centuries. This presentation will discuss medicinal natives and their many uses while also touching upon some important herbs that can be grown in container gardens or sunny borders. Many of these medicinal plants are important food sources for pollinators and critical to the environment. The information provided in this presentation is for educational purposes only and not intended to provide information to treat or diagnose any particular medical problem.

Winter Sowing and Native Plants – Winter sowing is an effective way to grow native plants, annuals and vegetable seeds using recycled milk jugs.  Winter sowing traditionally starts on the Winter Solstice and is a great way to extend the growing season and grow your own food.

Monarchs & Milkweeds: Specialized Relationships in the Natural World – Specialized relationships move the natural along.  Monarchs need milkweed to live out their life cycle and become the pollinator we need them to be.  Understanding these specialized relationships are critical to knowing what native plants (keystone species and connective species) provide the most support for the vast majority of insects, pollinators and birds.

Bad Boy Plants and the Insects that Love them - The natural world is build upon specialized relationships. Native plants need birds, insects and butterflies to spread their seed, protect their young and provide the essentials of life. These specialized relationships explain why biodiversity is critical for reliance in an ecosystem facing a changing climate

Introduction to Permaculture & Native Plant Communities – permaculture essentially means permanent agriculture.  The pandemic demonstrated how easily food supply chains can break down.  Growing a food forest and investing in perennials, bushes or trees that provide food for you as well as the natural world can help support the environment while feeding your family.

Pre-planned Gardens

These pre-planned gardens downloadable. They are a place to start designing your own garden.  Each design can be modified to enhance or better fit your goals for the site. 

Diversity in the Garden

Why do we sell native plants?

Welcome to CW Native Plant Farm, where we are dedicated to preserving the Great Lakes ecosystem through the use of native plants. Our vast selection of plants includes species that are not typically found at other nurseries, giving you the opportunity to create a unique and sustainable landscape design. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality plants that are grown right here on our 10-acre nursery. When you visit the nursery you will find a rich, diverse, ecosystem where nature has achieved balance between the flora and fauna, predator and prey, as well as meadows, forest and wetlands.  We are committed to the preservation of our environment and encourage you to join us by using native plants in your next project.


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