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Woodwrights of WNY

Mission Statement

Since our founding, Woodwrights of WNY have been dedicated to providing high-quality instruction to students of all ages and experience levels. We believe that everyone has the potential to create beautiful and functional pieces with wood. Our individualized instructions cover a variety of subjects, including safety procedures, tool selection, and finishing techniques. Our teachers make sure to offer personalized instruction and answer any questions you may have.

If you are interesting in observing what the woodwrights do, learn about techniques of woodworking, or take one-on-one instruction with an experienced woodworker, contact Joe Barberich at


Our Story

Welcome to Wood Working, where craftsmanship meets community. We are dedicated to providing a space where everyone who has an interest in woodworking can come together and share their passion. Our programs include historical interpretations of woodworking, courses and workshops for all skill levels, and a journeyman program that takes you from novice to expert. Our mission is to support the tradition of woodworking and empower individuals to grow and become masters of their craft. Join our community today and start your woodworking journey!

For the winter 2024 we are woodworking at Buffalo ReUse/Action at 980 Northampton St, Buffalo, NY 14211

Come spring 2024 we will be woodworking at Forsyth-Warren Tavern at ​5182 Ridge Road
​Lockport, NY 14094

Our future home will be at the CW Native Plant Farm.  Come watch and/or help us build our new woodworking shop.

Get Inspired!

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