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Landscape Planning and Restoration

Every yard has its own challenges.  Invasive species, heavy clay soils, dry shade, seasonal flooding can be an opportunity to add native plants as they are ideally suited for those sites.

Landscape Consultation

All plants look good in the nursery but may not be right for you.  If you are unsure whether a plant will work for you then take a tour of the property.  The nursery stock has many of the plants that are on the property right now.


Gardens and Nursery

The farm has demonstration gardens and a Murder Creek Bird Trail.  Examples of native trees, bushes and plants are found throughout the property.  Many of those are available for sale in the nursery.

Restoration and Education

Want to know what, if any, native plants are already on your property?  Schedule a site visit to evaluate your yard in terms of native plants and invasive species.  Schedule a nature walk, for individuals or groups, looking to identify native species in Western New York.

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