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The Gardens at Murder Creek

Native Tree and Bush collection
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Restoring the Great Lakes Ecosystem

We specialize in using native plants to create stunning outdoor spaces that support local ecosystems. Our projects include meadows, ponds, and stream habitats that help to provide balance with nature. Additionally, our native plant material is great for supporting pollinators like birds and insects. As you walk the demonstration gardens you will find a biodiversity not found in other communities.  Our restoration of the Great Lakes ecosystem has transformed the landscape.  

The gardens were the mission for the property.  The nursery came because we could not find plants to restore the environment.  Our primary goal was to demonstrate what restoring native plants would mean to the community.  We open the gardens so others can see the possibilities.  

The Gardens

English Cottage Style

The gardens are robust and diverse.  Our property has every sun/soil/moisture conditions and our plants are suited to the site we planted.  We wanted to show formal, informal and naturalized garden beds because each is a crucial piece of the ecosystem.  We are dedicated to cultivating beautiful and sustainable landscapes. Our projects showcase our commitment to using native plants that thrive in the unique conditions found in Western New York. Explore our work below to see how we have transformed spaces into natural, thriving sanctuaries.

The Trees and Bushes

We take pride in our efforts to combat climate change. Since 2015, we have made it our mission to exclusively plant native Great Lakes trees and bushes, which are the backbone of the ecosystem. Our work to add keystone species has been essential, and we are proud to have accomplished this milestone. 

We have planted nearly every native tree and bush, as well as some near-native, on the property.  Trees and bushes are the structural elements to a healthy environment.  Birds, pollinators and insects need the trees and bushes as much as perennials.  We hope to one day certify the property as an arboretum as well as a botanical site.  

Like plants, our projects need time to grow.  Each season offers a delight to the eyes, ears and scent.

Lake Phantom

Lake Phantom is named for the family's now deceased Black Lab.  We had hoped to have the house completed in time for Phantom to swim in the waters.  It would have delighted him as he loved swimming as much as he loved his family.  Sadly, Phantom passed before we could finish it.  We still remember the gift of love he gave us.  

Another life is remembered at Lake Phantom.  During the pandemic a student of mine, James Lyons, was lost tragically.  A brilliant young man, James was at the top of his class and was accepted to law school before his promise was cut short.  In his memory an American hornbeam (Ironwood), Carpinus caroliniana, was planted along the pond and a bench is by it's side.  It is there for people to find peace and reflection.

Lake Phantom is stocked with bass, perch, pond trout, sunfish, and catfish.   

In the End...

Our focus have been on nurturing and protecting local plant species and the wildlife that depends on them. From the first day we started, we wanted to be a part of the solution, and that's why we chose to specialize in native plants. Over the years, we've seen significant improvements in the number of butterflies, moths, and other wildlife species that call our farm home, and we're proud of the role we've played in helping to restore the natural balance and we look forward to seeing how our property grows.

As you walk through the property you will see life happening everywhere.  Our house and nursery are so naturalized the birds, animals and insects are found everywhere.  Tree frogs in the nursery, tree swallows basking in the sun, purple martins hunting in the sky, and fireflies dancing in the night.  Our purpose is life itself and we want to share it with you.

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